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kingofromaniMy name is Dan Stancu or Dan Schenker as friends call me when they see me playing guitar. I am a creator, a guitarist, a computer freak, a father, a husband, and well…a chess player. I have been playing chess all my life from the age of 5 and I treasure it with all my heart-being. In the chess realm I am known as King_of_Romania. Romania is a country that was occupied 2 thousand+ years ago by the Roman empire. And thus through its constitution and history deeds changed from Monarchy into Republic and later to a democratic country. Same as my nickname once upon a time…there was a king…
—————————————- – the place to be!
There is no way I will go to any other chess applications or web sites.
There are many reasons why you need to play chess properly but there are even more needs to be able to play chess and to enjoy playing it.
Here are 5 highlights why I chose CHESS.NET and I am proud to let you know about them because without you there will be no chess in this world. I love you guys! Make the best place in the world!
1) The fee is freakin cheap: 30 bucks. There is no way any1 cannot afford it. It is worth every single cent and dime and I tell you why. You get to play games at any time using a beautiful environment, a fast server, and a friendly application. What more do you want. You got them all. You can also choose to play for free for a trial period and this is for the low-little-kids out there with broken pockets. And so what, pay for 360 day and you will not regret it. Forget YAHOO or any other free places. FREE IS NOT REAL. 30 BUCKS is THE REAL DEAL.
2) The application is super. There are no bugs. The board is colorful, gives you options to train yourself, there are plenty of commands that you will never get bored of. You can figure out the stats to every player and you can play blitz, standard, wild or lite games. If someone bothers you can simply muzzle him or make your own rule so that you can accept challenges from players that are not on abuser list and so on. Oh…and you can also send and check messages same as if you’d chech your own emails. There is no limit guys….this is it. This is the best tool ever created in Java by a nice and easy company with dedicated developers.
3) What you get to know is the people. Most of the time you will see very famous names of leaders, politicians or artists. Take your time in asking who they are and build a relationship. You can either play a game, watch a game as an observer (of course if the respective room-host did not choose to have a hidden game) or chat with people.
4) Gamers can get to play with each other or with other level of players such as Computers, GM (grand master) and most importantly you can organize instant tournaments as you are logged in. All you need is to invite the player to join your tournament. FUN FUN FUN and SON OF A GUN
5) Did I just say the application rocks. Ok. here is the deal, go on and play some chess please because it is free…you cannot even maximize the window…ah….someone please tell why I am forced to play a chess when I cannot even see what I am moving….arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….screw the board, screw the computer…tell your grandmother about it and she will help you out: throw out your computer through the window. Oahahaha.
What can I tell you: Chess is very vital. Same as the air your breath or the water the plants  consume…it is a survival plan for all your holographic imprints that you can recall as being your memories.
Once you make a move is similar to making a step in real life. Look to your right, look to your left. Whatever you do…the outcome is clear: do not get pawned by the pawn, get real and careful in the fast lane. RUN…I AM COMING…AFTER YOU !!!

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  1. Armegeddon Says:

    If I wasn’t already a member, I may have actually wanted to join after reading your’s nice that you think this way about the server :)

  2. PsychicWarrior Says:

    Nice seeing who you are. Now the question. Why do you only play with white? ;-/

  3. omar Says:

    je veux joué avec toi

  4. Tamara Says:

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

  5. joan gernr Says:

    When Roman Dzindihashvili plays it is like watchin a poet do magic tricks.

  6. ioana Says:

    Did you play with Roman Dxindihashvili?

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